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Each member who opens membership on Domain Name Api is counted as a reseller. Domain prices vary according to three different dealership classes. There are three different price centered seller types - Reseller, Premium, Platinum.
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As Domain Name API, we offer APIs with more than 700 domain extensions to our domain resellers including the generic domain names such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, country code top-level domain names (ccTLDs) such .uk. .ru .fr and generic top-level domain names (gTLDs) such as .ist .istanbul .market .law .travel, free of charge. You can become a Domain Name API easily by using our rich variety of domain APIS such as .NET API, PHP API, whmcs and using our domain panel. Domain Name is Api is an Icann - Accredited registrar and is directly acredited to many Registry firms such as Verisign, Pir, Affilias, RuCenter, Neustar, Donuts, Centralnic etc.

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Why should you become a Domain Name API reseller?

Here are some reasons why you should be a Domain Name API domain reseller:
  • Rich variety of APIs
  • Sound and secure domain registration infrastructure
  • WHMCS domain integration
  • Multi-language admin panel
  • 120+ countries 3000+ reseller experience
  • Domain sub-reseller, Domain panel

Create Your Own Domain Company

Are you still purchasing your domain names from other companies? You can create your own domain company by using Domain Name API infrastructure and APIs and make sales at home and abroad.

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Cheapest Domain Reseller System

Domain Name API is the cheapest company which registers the maximum number of domain extension in the world among 20 companies providing a domain reseller system.
Cheap domain registration, renewal, and transfer prices will help your company become competitive in the market.

Domain Name Reseller Features


  • Instant domain registration, transfer, refresh.
  • The invoices for all transactions are sent via e-mail at the end of the month.
  • Easy DNS management.
  • Advanced Whois management.
  • Free Whois protection.

API Tools

  • Free .NET API
  • Free PHP API
  • Free WHMCS API

Frequently Asked Questions

A reseller is a third-party company that offers domain name registration services through a registrar but not all are ICANN accredited registrars.

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