Free Domain / .xyz & . me
20.03.2024 11:36 1986 Views

Free Domain / .xyz & . me

1. This campaign aims to enable our business partners to increase their base by providing free domains to their customers.

2. Free .xyz and .me campaign is valid for all our domain reseller groups.

3. In the .com, .net, extensions, the .xyz and .me extension of the same domain name will be given free of charge for each registered domain name. Ex. or can be registered on the same day as The registration date of both domains must be the same.

Domain Registration Date Free Domain Registration Date 20.03.2024 20.03.2024 CORRECT 21.03.2024 25.03.2024 FALSE 22.03.2024 22.03.2024 FALSE

4. The fee paid for domains with .xyz and .me extensions registered by the conditions in Article 3 will be refunded to your Domain Name API deposit account by the 10th day of the following month.

5. Free .xyz and .me campaigns is only valid for new registrations for 1 year.

6. Domain Name API ( reserves the right to change or cancel the campaign conditions without prior notice.

7. For any questions or support requests regarding the campaign, you can contact the Domain Name API customer support team.

8. This campaign will start on 21.03.2023 at 11:00 Turkey time and will end on 30.12.2024 at 23:00 Turkey time.

9. Valid for a maximum of 500 .xyz and .me domain registrations per month.

10.Domains associated with betting, gambling, spam, and morally objectionable activities are outside the scope of the campaign and such domains will be deleted.
In this context, no refund will be made for deleted domains.